Gum Ball Game ($20)

Gum Ball Game ($20)

  • $20.00
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This is a great game you will love. ($20.00) You are guaranteed to win a minimum of a pearl (oyster or pearl) that is valued at $25 dollars.  You also can win up to $50 to spend on the website!  Here is how it cost $20 to play and depending on the color gum ball that comes out will tell you what you win.

PINK= 1- FREE OYSTER value of $25

BLUE= 2- FREE OYSTERS valued @ $50

GREEN= 1- Pearl Pack & a bath product Value of @ least $25

ORANGE= Spin the gum ball wheel & see what you win value of @ least $25

PURP!E= Gem or Pearl (u pick) value of @ least $25

RED= 1/2 off a RING OF CHOICE (pearl not include) value of @ least $25 off a ring.

YELLOW= 1-Pearl Cage ($29.99 Value)

WHITE = $ 50 PEARL BUCKS (Can not be combined with coupon codes or sales.  Also you can not use it on the Play to Win games or on the loose pearl page.)